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16 Responses to “Suggestions”

  1. Larry Says:

    This is a cool idea. Hope you get some sponsors for your site and really grow this thing. I’ll be checking in daily and will help spread the word!! When you get big and famous and have your own radio sports talk show, I’d like to be your “Golic like” sidekick…lol

  2. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Hey Larry, you can apply for the position but I ain’t making any guarantees. Thanks for the support.

  3. Walter Culver Says:

    Dis is a new viewer I just want to say that Dewayne Wade is a good player but I don’t believe he should get the player of the year. But by the way I think that the pistons are great despite their loss to Charlotte.Gosh! Even superman has a weakness.But on another note people need to get off T.O’S back.I know he has said and done some pretty controversial stuff but he could say some stuff to his wife and it would be on ESPN the next day.Chad Johnson does some of the same stuff but is not criticized for it. People need to get over the fact that Terrell is a show off that isnothing new so get over it. Plus people are talking about his dropped passes. Have you guys not relized that he dropped alot of passes at San Fransisco but because he is showing off when he does catch passes they start criticizing him!

  4. Walter Culver Says:

    That defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka in my opinion works very hard not only does he drop back in coverage but he has to pay special attention to the new rules on how high or low he can hit and by the way I am a Cowboys fan. He got an interception that could have turned the ball game around but instead of just getting hit and going to the ground he decided to switch hands and lose the football into Sam Hurd’s hands.
    Tiki,Michael,and Jeremy need to stop complaining, take a loss like a man not like a three year old girl. Sure they gave up a 21 point lead over the Tennessee Titans but that just means they played sloppy and there is no reason that Mathias should have missed that tackle he was just simply lazy.

  5. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Im glad you brought up the point about Owens’ dropped passes, Walter. Terrell Owens scrutinized, insulted and demeaned the media all of last year and that’s why the media hates him. He acts like a jackass and although theres nothing wrong with that (in small doses like Chad Johnson), when done a certain way (TO’s way) it just comes off wrong. The media is loving the fact that TO is dropping a lot of balls this year because they hate him so much and will take as many shots at him as often as they can. All receivers drop balls but TO is special because of the giant magnifying glass of hate thats been placed right above him all the time.

    I agree with you about Kiwanuka and the Giants. If you’ve ever wondered what the epicenter of a nuclear blast looks like, you just need to watch the Giants. Right now this team is imploding from the inside out and it doesnt look pretty. The Giants and Panthers both have one thing in common and that is that they play to win for 3 quarters and then give up in the 4th. But hey, at least the Panthers arent yelling and complaining….yet.

  6. ADAM Says:


  7. Walter Culver Says:

    Martin Gramatika is amazing!!!!!!! But I have to say that it was a little rash for Bill Parcells to just cut Mike Vanderjagt,I mean untill this year he was the most accurate kicker in the game.But it makes me wonder why the Patriots let him go. They stuck with a rookie kicker from Memphis.Don’t get me wrong he is doing a great job but I would think they would have kept him as security.

  8. Adam Wood Says:

    Regarding the Panthers, I’ve been telling all of my friends and co-workers this for the past two years: Jake Delhomme will never be anything more than a journeyman quarterback with a thing for Bojangles’ chicken and biscuits. Two years later as the surrounding stars fade into the distance, he’s began to prove it… week after week, he proves it.

    Jake the Fake and his “offensive presence” in Charlotte is nothing more than a testament to the work of four players — Stephen Davis (retired), Muhsin Muhammad (doing the best he can with a bad qua… I mean, playing “catch” with Rex Grossman), Steve Smith, and DeShaun Foster (wait, he’s injured again?!). With Smith now the only real option on that team, at least until DeAngelo Williams can acclimate himself to the Panthers’ offense as Reggie Bush finally did in New Orleans this week, the Panthers’ offense is a dead horse.

    During the Panthers’ march to Super Bowl XXXVIII, it was the collective efforts of these four players who carried the Panthers’ offense through the regular season and the playoffs; in that season, Delhomme was asked to be nothing more than a caretaker for the offense, much as Tom Brady was when he first took over for Drew Bledsoe in Foxboro.

    The difference between Jake Delhomme and Tom Brady is that Brady was a diamond in the rough, while Delhomme was a career journeyman quarterback. We’re seeing signs of that this season; while Brady carries the Patriots through the clutch, despite Bill Belichick’s brazen plans to make Brady the _only_ star in his everchanging roster, Delhomme can’t pull out the clutch plays that he did in 2003-04. Why can’t he do it? He doesn’t have the playmaking options he once did. Teams can afford to double down on Smith because he’s the only real playmaker on that offense, leaving Delhomme looking dazed and confused.

    If this continues, and I expect it will, I forsee Carolina drafting a QB for Delhomme to “mentor.” For that as-yet-drafted, Panthers’ QB of the future, I sincerely hope you forget what you “learn.”

  9. Adam Wood Says:

    The Patriots didn’t let him go, Indianapolis did when they picked up Adam Vinatieri _from_ the Patriots. Of course, despite his accuracy in Indy, he wasn’t the most popular player there… and that probably had something to do with the AFC rival Patriots having had the best _clutch_ kicker in the league in Vinatieri. So Indy picks up Vinatieri from the Patriots, lets Vanderjagt move to Dallas, and Vanderjagt has an uncharacteristically bad year. To his credit, he’s still the most accurate career kicker in the NFL (i think? someone give me an update if i’m wrong?)… but with a season as he’s had, he was bound to get let go — Dallas paid for accuracy, and they were getting anything but that.

    Some team with a terrible kicking situation will find a way to pick up Vanderjagt in the offseason; such a team might even try to make room on their roster before this season is over, especially if they’re a playoff-bound team with a suspect PK and looking to score an upgrade. Either way, Vanderjagt’s time in the Big D is done, and while it was a surprise that he was simply let go, you can’t say he has earned his stripes in Dallas.

  10. AFC Says:

    WHO IS THE BEST IN THE AFC…………………CHARGERS………………. COLTS………………….Well u get the point
    best super bowl—my opinion chargers-cowboys

  11. Walter Says:

    Thats right Dallasis goin all the way.Deshaun Foster?He isn’t even that good,sure during that Super Bowl year he had a few good games but besides that he isn’t doing good.

  12. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Dallas…all the way? Definate possibility and I wouldn’t mind seeing them in the superbowl. But Tony Romo is a very inexperienced QB especially when you start considering the playoffs. I’d really like to see how Dallas’ new offense would respond to the Bears defense. Think that would be an excellent playoff matchup. My guess is, Bears D would swarm Romo so bad he wouldn’t know where he is after the first quarter. Bears offense has been disastrous of late and they’ve been relying on their defense to score points. More i talk about it, the more I wanna see it.

  13. mark barens Says:

    like your clean/simple layout and look… hopefully, after you pick up some sponser it won’t become a maze of this and that

  14. benbca Says:

    sportsfanatic, open up an ADSENSE account and post the code in here. As people click on the links you make money.

  15. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion but doesn’t allow adsense…for now…but trust me, I wish they did lol.

  16. Patrick Says:

    Great blog, let me know if you’re interested in advertising. Thanks

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