The “Vote For Rory” Campaign

I have already written a post on this and you can find it in the NHL category so there isn’t really much more to say about it. The campaign supports the idea of voting a defenseman named Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL All Star game as a starting defenseman. You can find more information or cast your vote at:

Official “Vote For Rory” Website

Cast your vote for Rory Here


Greatest Basketball Commercial Ever

I still remember the first time I saw this ad on televesion. I was absolutely mesmerized. The ad shows various people performing some of MJ’s most recognized manerisms and moves and is a perfect tribute to his legendary career. The ad is just a thing of beauty…from the music, which increses in rythm and intensity as the video pregresses, to the video which is just stunning. I know the ad is old but I think it was one of the greatest basketball ads ever. See for yourself.

Greatest MJ Commercial Ever