10 Reasons why Baseball is a weird sport

Baseball has never really made much sense to me. I mean, every time I watch it I always wonder (more than during any other sport) “How in the world did anyone come up with this game?”. Not to say Baseball isn’t a great sport or that it isn’t fun to watch or play, I’m just saying that all the rules, restrictions and obligations involved in the sport are just plain weird. I mean how lazy and out of shape do you have to be to recommend during the invention of a sport that instead of forcing a player to run after he has reached base, we should allow him to come back to the bench and sit on his ass while a pinch runner runs the bases for him? In honor of Baseball’s idiocies (no offense) and the new year (why not), I found this collection of top ten reasons Baseball is a weird sport and thought it was pretty funny so here it is.

[1] If a batter fails two-thirds of the time, they’re still considered an excellent batter. It’s too bad this standard isn’t applied to everything else in life.

[2] It is legal to “steal” in this game. This is, perhaps, a questionable example for children.

[3] If you aren’t such a good hitter, you can have a pinch hitter bat for you. If you aren’t such a fast runner, you can have someone–a pinch runner–come in and run for you. At what point, you might wonder, is a team entirely comprised of “pinch” players?

[4] There’s a rule preventing pitchers from spitting on the ball. They can spit anywhere else they like, apparently.

[5] If a batter walks with the bases loaded, he is credited with an RBI (Run Batted In). That’s right: even though he didn’t hit the ball.

[6] The game is played on dirt and grass, but if the ball gets dirty, it is replaced with a new clean ball.

[7] If a batter accidentally hits the catcher when swinging, it’s the catcher’s fault, even if the catcher gets injured. The batter is awarded a base. The catcher gets an apology, if he’s lucky.

[8] The coaches and managers wear the same uniforms as the players.

[9] When a pitcher walks a batter, the batter jogs to first base. Incongruous, but it is a nice show of effort.

[10] The 7th-inning stretch makes baseball the only sport where spectators must take part in calisthenics.

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Crazy Hockey Moves by a 13 year old Canadian Kid

Simply some absolutely ridiculous moves performed during a breakaway relay practice session. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of these moves done in the NHL.

Sports Mogul Inc.

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By the way, the game is strictly a simulation and although it offers play by play simulation for games, there is no actual gameplay involved. Sorry…but trust me, the game is a lot of fun anyways.

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I realize that this site has been around for quite sometime but unfortunately my site hasn’t therefore I feel obliged to let you all know about it. WhatIfSports.com is a sports simulation site that provides anyone with the ability of simulating possible outcomes of games between any sports team, past or present, in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA Basketball leagues. They provide detailed scores and stats and the site even produces a full play by play so you know exactly what would have happened on each play of your fantasy game. WhatIfSports.com also gives users the ability to participate in fantasy leagues (costs money but definitely worth it) involving players from the last half century, pitting you against 23 other user controlled teams. Very cool site that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

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Cold Fx

Cold Fx is the main sponsor for the NHL All star game and is actually widely used by many players throughout the league. In fact, one of Cold Fx’s main promoters is Marc Messier, a recently retired legendary hockey player. He claims to have taken Cold Fx everyday, especially during the later stages of his career, in order to avoid getting sick or injured.

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Cold Fx


Wanna work at EA?

Love sports? Love video games? Wanna work at EA? Check out this video which gives an in depth tour of EA’s facilities in Los Angeles.

EA Los Angeles Tour

3 Games with Spielberg?…We are gonna need more info!


Embarrasing moment for Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom sure wishes he could forget this moment in his basketball career and I’m sure he wishes that Phil could too. A simple inbounds play turns into a ridiculous turnover when Odom forgets to inbound the ball to his teammate before dribbling the ball on to the court. He must have flashed back to his street ballin days. Pretty funny.

Lamar Odumb

…And people say Kobe is selfish