Is this the Colts’ year?

The Colts have made it to another AFC Final…unfortunately for them, so have the Patriots. To be honest, I thought the Colts were going to be eliminated in the first round of this years playoffs and when they weren’t, I attributed it to…well come on, it was just the first round. Then I thought they were definitely going to lose in the second round to the Ravens but they didn’t and now, I find myself becoming more of a believer by the second. The last couple of years, the Colts have entered the playoffs by blowing through the regular season and leaving nothing left for the playoffs. They come in as favorites to win it all but can’t seem to even make it to the big game for reasons that are probably beyond any of our comprehension (no offense).

But this year is different.

The Colts came into this year’s playoffs having completely self destructed the second half of their season, or so the media would have you believe. They come in with so many defensive issues that I’ve heard people completely dismiss them as Superbowl contenders (umm…ya, I’m talking about myself) despite the fact that they have the second best QB (but most talented) in the league (in case you were wondering, Brady is #1). The Colts are fooling us all into thinking that they are not title contenders because they want to finally be the underdog. Less pressure is better but the Colts have taken it to a whole new level. Despite all of this, I STILL think they will lose to the Patriots come this weekend because it looks like the PAts have some of that old playoff magic still with them…that interception to a fumble to a recovery reminded me of the tuck play a couple of years ago.

Fool me once Manning, shame on me…Fool me twice, shame on you.


One Response to “Is this the Colts’ year?”

  1. arleen Says:

    yep – i think it is the colts year. after a dreadful first half yesterday they came back to defeat the patriots. arguably one of the best teams in decades. assuming you are going with them in the superbowl?

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