Crazy Hockey Moves by a 13 year old Canadian Kid

Simply some absolutely ridiculous moves performed during a breakaway relay practice session. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of these moves done in the NHL.

26 Responses to “Crazy Hockey Moves by a 13 year old Canadian Kid”

  1. Scott Says:

    The move that was put into slow motion is sick.

  2. 1337 Says:

    wow im 17 and cant do anything close to that! propsto the kid

  3. arleen Says:

    those moves are amazing for any age. that between the legs onto the stick move is absolutely absurd!!!

  4. KYle Julian Says:

    im 16 and i could do that my lil bro is 13 and hes could do thoes moves but hes is pretty good and i send in a video if u add me on ur msn and i show u some videos of me to and i think u guys well be spoked

  5. Pimp Mobile Says:

    Too bad only a few of those moves can be pulled off during an actual game. Trying it during a game would lead to a serious injury or maiming after he gets drilled by the defenders.

    Sweet moves anyhow.

  6. Austin Says:

    this kid is amazing. I can do all the stuff exept for that last one!

  7. kurt payne Says:

    man those moves are amazing way to go buddy!!!!

  8. duff Says:

    great moves. looking forward to see you in the nhl good luck

  9. kyle payne Says:

    I really enjoyed watching you do those awesome moves! I’m in hockey too!

  10. Kolby payne Says:

    Man, those tricks are amazing! I’m in minor hockey also. I’m only 8 years old. I hope I can do those moves when I’m 13! My brother Kyle is 10 years old. He loved your video also.



  12. lucas mcloughlin Says:

    hey i’m in minor hockey and i really liked those moves!One day for sure you will make it to the nhl.Your an awesome shooter!!!

  13. joe Says:

    your a great hockey player cant waite to play you!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Whatever Says:

    Those Arent even crazy i know like 15 kids where im from that can do those and even better tricks

  15. SomeKid Says:

    Whats this kids name?

  16. Rebok7k Says:

    Hey man nice moves, looking foward to playing you next year in triple AAA … ( my friend told me who you play for ) Cya then m8 … later

  17. kolby payne Says:

    man those moves are deadly u will make it to the NHL if u keep doing your skills.i cant stop watching that vidio it is really cool.u r just as good as a NHL player in the NHL.

  18. dillon dwyer Says:

    man u can do tricks good.i can do way better.

  19. dillon dwyer Says:

    man i do way way better tricks with my eys closeand my legs taped together u r really good

  20. dyl dog Says:

    the kid didnt even hit the net or score on half the shots he took so its really not that good at all.

  21. Crosby Says:

    Well if their was a good goalie in then the goal would’ve stopped it. What i’ve seen the goalies are not doing anything right.

  22. Trevor Says:

    Kids like this are the future of the sport, his skating his good, stick handling is amazing, great shot, but his best skill is the way he sells his dekes… he only scored a few times but its awesome to see kids practicing the really hard stuff like batting pucks out of the air. Hopefully he sticks with it and has enough drive, he might play in the NHL some day.

  23. Kayla Says:

    This is like a beastly move! I’m thirteen and play hockey! I wish i was as good as him even tho im a girl!!!

  24. NavyMats Says:

    Hi, could you please post about radical games? I wrote about friend told me that it’s make a bad effect to kids…do u agree with him? thanks.

  25. Al Says:

    Great moves kid, seriously. But look up Rucker Park in NYC, those guys are good too. Regardless, Kudos to the creativity.

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