Allen Iverson Traded to Denver

Well its official, Allen Iverson has been traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Denver Nuggets today. In return for the two time scoring champion, the Sixers acquire Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two Number 1 picks in the 2007 NBA draft.

Fair Trade?

Well considering that the Sixers were absolutely desperate to unload their 30 year old all star and the Nuggets have lost their franchise player and current NBA scoring leader in Carmelo Anthony to a 15 game suspension for fighting, there really is no way of saying whether or not this trade is fair…but I’ll give it a try.

Iverson will be able to easily step in and become a temporary replacement for Carmelo Anthony while he serves his suspension and when he returns, the answer can hopefully provide the answer the Nuggets are looking for in order to elevate their team to the next level. AI and CA will be a very explosive combination and personally I can’t wait to see Iverson in action with serious scoring threats and all stars on his team. Denver got the guy they wanted (an all star, two time scoring champion and currently second in scoring this year) and they didn’t even have to give up anyone serious. Andre Miller is a 30 year old PG averaging 13 points/game while Joe Smith is a bust of a first overall pick. The most valuable assets the Nuggets gave away in this deal are the two 1st Round picks in this years draft, a draft that has scouts all over the league absolutely salivating, but the Nuggets want to be great now and adding Iverson is an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

I guarantee you the Sixers made this trade because of the prospect of having three first round picks in this years NBA draft (the two they got from the Nuggets and their own). The draft is supposed to be full of talented and skilled players ready to make an immediate impact in this league including guys like Ohio State’s Greg Oden, Texas’ Kevin Durant and Florida’s Joakim Noah. The Sixers should finish close to last in the league if not last and that should give them an excellent shot at getting Greg Oden with the first overall pick. With two more picks in the first round alone, the Sixers would have the chance to surround young talented players like Korver, Dalembert and Iguodala with even more young and talented players giving them a lineup that could compete in this league for a very long time. Teams usually need a couple of years to rebuild but the Sixers will have the ability to rebuild their team in just one (especially if they get Oden). Andre Miller is a good but not great point guard who can definitely step into a larger role for Philadelphia but I really don’t think he is a main piece of the puzzle for the Sixers’ future plans.

The trade gives both teams the pieces they need to better their teams and really, isn’t that what the holiday seas…I mean fair trades are all about?

Happy Holidays!


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Stern too harsh? No way. Too Lenient…?

By now everyone has seen the huge fight that took place at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (and if you haven’t just check it out here in the NBA section) and hopefully everyone has heard of the strict punishments Darth Stern has handed out this week to all those involved. A total of seven players (out of ten who were actually ejected from the game, if that makes sense) were suspended and each team was actually fined $500,000 in an effort to hopefully avoid further similar “events” and preserve the NBA’s already decaying image.

So Stern got the opportunity to dish out some pain this week and honestly, I don’t think he took full advantage. We all know that Stern has been trying to turn the NBA’s players into little 12 year old boy scouts who can do no wrong and after the massive fight Saturday night, I really thought that Carmelo Anthony would be reported as missing and Nate Robinson would wind up in a crate on a cargo plane on its way to somewhere in Nicaragua. Hey, it could happen. The lucky winner to receive Stern’s largest suspension of 15 games was none other than Carmelo (no surprise there) while Nate Robinson and J.R. Smith got 10 games each. I don’t know about you, but personally I think I would have given Anthony way more games because when the fight looked to be over and everyone was starting to calm down, he comes over and punches a Knick player in the face and starts the fight up all over again. I’m not saying Stern dropped the ball because his punishments were definitely reasonable but considering the response from writers and analysts, like Wilbon and Kornheiser, he could have gotten away with much more.


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