Nuggets and Knicks all out brawl at MSG

Tonight (December 16, 2006) marked the second full out team on team brawl in the NBA in the last three years. The first was one I think we all remember between the Pistons and Pacers in Detroit, although that one was much more serious as it involved fans rather than just players. Tonight, the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks got into a huge fight that will most likely warrant practically the entire rosters of both teams being suspended but in all honesty the damage has been done. The NBA is a league desperately trying to change its image and events like these certainly don’t help Stern’s cause. The commish is constantly inventing new rules every year in an attempt to reverse the horrible image that the NBA claims it has and after tonight, you have just got to wonder if its working.

The fight started after a very flagrant foul by Marty Collins on J.R. Smith and resulted in the ejection of a total of ten players. “According to the Knicks, the whole thing happened because the Nuggets still had their starters on the floor with 1:15 left and a 19-point lead. Denver won 123-100.” Maybe one of the worst excuses I have ever heard. I mean sure the Nuggets should have cut them some slack because you never try and embarrass a team especially on their home court but to start a fight like that, someone better have a much better excuse than that. The Knicks are bad and everybody knows it so frustration is bound to spill over onto the court but it seems to me like the NBA may have a much more serious problem than we thought…or maybe Stern has realized and we just haven’t caught up.

Either way, the only one that suffers because of these childish displays of immaturity by overly paid celebrity athletes is the NBA. Simple, right? Not if you ask David Stern.

By the way…Carmelo can throw one hell of a punch!

The Big Fight! Knicks-Nuggets Brawl 16.12.06

Sorry they must have taken it off youtube so heres another one.


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