Has TO taken ALL the headlines?

I am going to make this short and sweet…well maybe not so sweet (and maybe not so short either). Terrell Owens continues to provide us with someone we love (and I mean LOVE) to hate this NFL season and I think we should all thank him because without him and his antics (his most recent being him spitting on DeAngelo Hall during a game Saturday night) we might have actually spent more time talking about more compelling and entertaining stories such as (in no particular order):

[1] Tomlinson breaking Alexander’s TD record.

[2] The Steelers collapse just a year after winning the Superbowl.

[3] Vick no longer being considered an elite QB in the NFL.

[4] Vince Young being hailed as Rookie of the Year after starting his NFL career 7-4 despite having awful passing stats (I love him but 1700+ passing, 10 TDs, 11 INTs and a 65.7 QB Rating!!!).

[5] Dallas’ resurgence thanks to Tony Romo replacing a statue that looked an awful lot like Drew Bledsoe.

[6] Drew Brees being the best QB in the NFL this year! (4000+ yards, 25 TDs, 10 INTs and a 101.2 QB Rating)

[7] Giants going from projected Superbowl favorites to a potential wild card…if they’re lucky.

[8] Tiki RETIRING!?!?

[9] Reggie Bush and Mario Williams…Wait, Mario Who?

[10] Absolutely no one noticing how Chad Johnson pushed his game into overdrive after the Bengals looked like they were out of it and pretty much single handedly (with some help from TJ) brought them back to respectability and a potential wild card spot (765 yards receiving and 5 TDs in his last 5 games and the Bengals went 4-1 in that span).

[11] Carolina just plain being bad, just really bad.

[12] Dolphins’ rollercoaster of a season and Joey Harrington’s resurgence. I know I cant believe I said it either.

[13] Patriots winning their Division…again.

[14] Detroit Lions being the best 2-12 team in the league. Roy Williams can at least be proud of that, right?

[15] People actually saying Manning may never get to the Super Bowl despite the fact that the Colts are 10-3 and have won their division for a fourth straight year.

[16] Mcnabb getting injured…again.

So thanks Terrell because without you, we might have actually paid more attention to more serious and interesting stories surrounding the NFL this season but hey, I guess you spitting on a guy is kinda cool too. Although I must admit that I did enjoy watching Michael Irvin defend you and even select you as a Gamebreaker every week on NFL Sunday Countdown. It quickly became my Sunday morning ritual; wake up, watch Irvin defend you, watch you completely embarrass yourself by dropping a pass or saying/doing something completely immature and detrimental to your team, then wait till next Sunday to see how Michael would defend you. It was pretty entertaining.


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One Response to “Has TO taken ALL the headlines?”

  1. Roald Says:

    Let’s forget TO and concentrate on LT or even OV (yeah different sport I know, but man is he fun to watch) IT seems that in todays sports press we are more interested in the bad then the good, for example on a night Gilbert Arenas scores 60 we have to suffer through the knicks-nuggets brawl mess (which happened the day before) when the 60 against KOBE should have been the top NBA story.

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