Sports Mogul Inc.

Sports mogul is a sports simulation computer game that gives you command of an entire franchise’s day to day operation like all the regular general manager jobs (trades, free agents, lineup changes…) as well as giving you control of the front office. You can decide how expensive you want your tickets to be or whether you want to build a new stadium. Along with all the options the game provides, it also lets you choose which year you would like to start your franchise from. You want a young rotation of Clemens and Pedro? How about Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron batting 2-3? The game is made for baseball and football and you can buy them both at the official website. A free version of the 2005 Baseball Mogul is available for you to try it out. Great game so check it out…you won’t be disappointed.

By the way, the game is strictly a simulation and although it offers play by play simulation for games, there is no actual gameplay involved. Sorry…but trust me, the game is a lot of fun anyways.

Click Here for the Sports Mogul Website


One Response to “Sports Mogul Inc.”

  1. benbca Says:

    Another great sports simulator is developed and freewared by a gent named Risto, called Eastside Hockey.

    I’ve been a player for years… love it. It allows you to take control of a NHL team and every aspect of it… I mean every!

    Get it at

    Also there is the recently released retail version which is far more in depth, and allows you control over ANY hockey team, pro to junior, either side of the ocean, that there is.

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