Shaq leading East centers in All Star voting???

Does anyone else think that it is completely ridiculous that Shaquille Oneal is leading all East centers with 522,815 votes to start in the NBA All Star game even though he has played only 4 games so far this season? Now I am a huge Heat fan but personally, as an even bigger basketball fan, I find it insulting to see him ahead of more deserving players…or at least players who have played more than 4 games this season. Oneal’s stats in those 4 games aren’t even All Star material as he averaged only 14 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. At some point, you have to look at what the All Star game is and what it means to so many players. I realize that the game and especially the entire weekend is probably little more than a couple of nice dunks and some laughs for most casual NBA fans but for me, and I’m sure many of you, the All Star game is the first highlight of the season. It rewards players for having terrific seasons and for some players it is as much as a reward as they will get throughout their entire career. I would feel terrible if someones only opportunity was stripped from them simply because some Shaq fans feel like seeing some more of the same again in this years All Star game. I understand they want to support their favorite player but, come on…he’s injured! Give someone else a chance.

Personally, I will be voting several times for Dwight Howard in an effort to offset the Shaq fans who have been flooding the All Star ballot with votes for a player that has already received his fair share of free trips. I hope that you choose to do the same so that we can transform the All Star game back to the meaningful game it was meant to be.

Spread the word.

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One Response to “Shaq leading East centers in All Star voting???”

  1. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    suprisingly the dwight howard call is good but i think you might have to give it to the other heat center in ther Zo has been playing in Shaq’s place and made up for it then some. Also Eddie Curry is having a All Star year for the terrible knicks so dont vote for shaq.

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