Jay Williams is coming back!

Jay Williams is coming back and you can definitely count me as one of the many basketball fans who are happy about it. Years after the number 2 overall pick in the Yao Ming draft crashed his motorcycle and suffered several injuries that threatened the future of his NBA career, Jay Williams is making his comeback. This is a guy that was drafted by the Bulls back in 2002 and was expected to be their franchise point guard for years before his accident. A Duke alumni, Jay Williams is a born leader with the skills to back up his talk but that is only part of why I’m happy he is coming back. In a league where the commissioner (Darth Stern) has constantly preached image and described the current NBA image as “unacceptable” (I mean just ask anyone on the Pacers…Cough…Stephen Jackson…Cough), Williams brings his selfless, humble and team oriented style and personality back to the league he once called home (even though it was only for about a year). The league has begun to adopt players like Wade and James because they are players who put the team ahead of themselves and thats exactly the type of person Jay is. I mean he crashed his motorcycle after speaking to youths at a basketball camp about personal responsibility.

If anyone deserves a second chance its Jay.


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4 Responses to “Jay Williams is coming back!”

  1. Ross Haffner Says:

    JayWill is certainly someone I’m rooting for. It’s unfortunate he became part of the Duke curse. You know, the one where great players at Duke for one reason or another don’t do well in the pros (Christian Laettner, Trajan Langdon, Bobby Hurley, Danny Ferry, etc.) Any comments on the Duke curse?

  2. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Couldn’t agree more but I think I would consider Battier an exception to the rule. I mean hes a great day to day player and has really helped the Rockets elevate their team to the next level this season. Then again considering where he was drafted, he has been a big bust. But yeah, the Duke curse has been as rampant in the NBA as the Madden curse has been in the NFL. Maybe it has something to do with Duke’s program and the way they build their team or run their offense that just produces great College players but just not great NBA players. What do you think?

  3. Ross Haffner Says:

    Oh the Madden curse has got to more rampant (if not consistent) because of the impact on star players EVERY YEAR! Shane is exactly what I thought he would be, and I am a fan of his game. I think his high spot might have to do with what was behind him. I mean, some great names today, but at the time we didn’t know what to expect from most of them. I don’t think the Duke curse is as much of a rule as the Madden curse is and I think you hit the reason with your statement about the system. I mean, what else could it be,? I’m not really into karma or anything so I have no other answers.

  4. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    shane do what shane do and Jwill glad to see you back!

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