Jay Williams is coming back!

Jay Williams is coming back and you can definitely count me as one of the many basketball fans who are happy about it. Years after the number 2 overall pick in the Yao Ming draft crashed his motorcycle and suffered several injuries that threatened the future of his NBA career, Jay Williams is making his comeback. This is a guy that was drafted by the Bulls back in 2002 and was expected to be their franchise point guard for years before his accident. A Duke alumni, Jay Williams is a born leader with the skills to back up his talk but that is only part of why I’m happy he is coming back. In a league where the commissioner (Darth Stern) has constantly preached image and described the current NBA image as “unacceptable” (I mean just ask anyone on the Pacers…Cough…Stephen Jackson…Cough), Williams brings his selfless, humble and team oriented style and personality back to the league he once called home (even though it was only for about a year). The league has begun to adopt players like Wade and James because they are players who put the team ahead of themselves and thats exactly the type of person Jay is. I mean he crashed his motorcycle after speaking to youths at a basketball camp about personal responsibility.

If anyone deserves a second chance its Jay.


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Sports Mogul Inc.

Sports mogul is a sports simulation computer game that gives you command of an entire franchise’s day to day operation like all the regular general manager jobs (trades, free agents, lineup changes…) as well as giving you control of the front office. You can decide how expensive you want your tickets to be or whether you want to build a new stadium. Along with all the options the game provides, it also lets you choose which year you would like to start your franchise from. You want a young rotation of Clemens and Pedro? How about Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron batting 2-3? The game is made for baseball and football and you can buy them both at the official website. A free version of the 2005 Baseball Mogul is available for you to try it out. Great game so check it out…you won’t be disappointed.

By the way, the game is strictly a simulation and although it offers play by play simulation for games, there is no actual gameplay involved. Sorry…but trust me, the game is a lot of fun anyways.

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I realize that this site has been around for quite sometime but unfortunately my site hasn’t therefore I feel obliged to let you all know about it. WhatIfSports.com is a sports simulation site that provides anyone with the ability of simulating possible outcomes of games between any sports team, past or present, in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA Basketball leagues. They provide detailed scores and stats and the site even produces a full play by play so you know exactly what would have happened on each play of your fantasy game. WhatIfSports.com also gives users the ability to participate in fantasy leagues (costs money but definitely worth it) involving players from the last half century, pitting you against 23 other user controlled teams. Very cool site that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Click Here for WhatIfSports.com Homepage


Cold Fx

Cold Fx is the main sponsor for the NHL All star game and is actually widely used by many players throughout the league. In fact, one of Cold Fx’s main promoters is Marc Messier, a recently retired legendary hockey player. He claims to have taken Cold Fx everyday, especially during the later stages of his career, in order to avoid getting sick or injured.

For those of you who don’t know, Cold Fx is a natural product that strengthens a person’s immune system and helps prevent or cure cold and flu viruses in the body. I have taken it on occasion (usually when I feel like I’m getting sick but just can’t afford to be) and have been very pleased with the results…which is usually me getting over a cold or flu virus in 2 to 3 days rather than 2 to 3 weeks. I highly recommend it for anybody who hates being sick!

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Cold Fx


Wanna work at EA?

Love sports? Love video games? Wanna work at EA? Check out this video which gives an in depth tour of EA’s facilities in Los Angeles.

EA Los Angeles Tour

3 Games with Spielberg?…We are gonna need more info!


Embarrasing moment for Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom sure wishes he could forget this moment in his basketball career and I’m sure he wishes that Phil could too. A simple inbounds play turns into a ridiculous turnover when Odom forgets to inbound the ball to his teammate before dribbling the ball on to the court. He must have flashed back to his street ballin days. Pretty funny.

Lamar Odumb

…And people say Kobe is selfish


The “Vote For Rory” Campaign

I have already written a post on this and you can find it in the NHL category so there isn’t really much more to say about it. The campaign supports the idea of voting a defenseman named Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL All Star game as a starting defenseman. You can find more information or cast your vote at:

Official “Vote For Rory” Website

Cast your vote for Rory Here