Getting rid of “The Answer” is the answer for both the Sixers and AI

Allen Iverson will never play another game for Philadelphia 76ers again and the only question anyone is asking is whether or not the Sixers will be better off without him.


Is it really that complicated a situation for everyone to understand that the answer is an emphatic YES. Theres no doubt that AI will be greatly missed in the city of Philadelphia and it is truly unfortunate that he wont be able to retire in the city he has called home for almost the entire duration of his NBA career but lets think this through clearly.

Philadelphia has been in need of a drastic makeover ever since they had their first trip to the NBA finals where Iverson carried that team on his back all through the season and playoffs. That was back in 2001! Thats 5 years that the Sixers have needed to be rebuilt and unfortunately the front office never realized it. Well it looks like they have now and with the impending Greg Oden sweepstakes just around the corner, it looks like they are ready to become serious competitors for the 40 year old looking 19 year old (I mean seriously, have you seen him?). Philadelphia is doing a smart thing by trying to rebuild the team around a very young, marketable and potential superstar. They already have Andre Iguodala (forgive my spelling), Samuel Dalembert and Kyle Korver which with the addition of Oden would give them a slid core of young talented players. Rebuilding is what teams do and thats all Philly is doing. Simple right?

Well what about Iverson…is this divorce better for him too?

The answer is an emphatic YES once again. Iverson is way too great a player to miss the playoffs as much as he has with the Sixers lately and the NBA needs a player like him to be involved in the highlight of their entire year. Iverson is 31 years old but that doesn’t mean that he cant still be the focal point of an offense nor does it mean that he cant be what I call a contributing superstar (like Mcgrady…still a superstar but doesn’t need to do it every night to win). A change of scenery never hurt anyone and I think it will certainly help Iverson provide the answer for another team.

It will definately be weird seeing him wear a different jersey in another city but its all for the best…trust me Philly fans.

By the way, I just wanna answer all those rumors that are circulating about AI maybe being headed to Miami.


…but it would be interesting if he did.


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3 Responses to “Getting rid of “The Answer” is the answer for both the Sixers and AI”

  1. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    Well i gotta say that the most interesting situation is the one Kevin Garnett is doing for Minnesota because he realizes that he cannot win without the help of anotherr good player and its Minnesota’s best chance to get rid of the crap that they need to(IE Troy Hudson, Mako Jerric)) The truth is he needs an answer and Foye doest look like hes going to be ready for a while so until then they should just trade Foye and the “future” for an answer to having the best all around plyerr in the NBA not because it would be the best move for the T Wolves, but like the sixers they are in limbo and KG is steadily getting older. He is to good to pass up putting great players around him cmon look at a team like this

    PG (Mike James,Troy Hudson) trade troy please or cut him
    SG (Allen Iverson)
    SF (Ricky Davis, Trenton Hassel) trade jeric please
    PF (KG)
    C (Mark Blount,Eddie Griffin,Mark Madsen)

  2. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    Looks like Minnesota is one of the teams everyone seems to agree on when it comes to where AI should go. Personally, I just don’t think they have the pieces to offer Philadelphia in return for AI. Maybe if they threw in Foye and some draft picks they could get a deal done. If Iverson ended up alongside KG, I think the Timberwolves would suddenly become a beast in the west and would definitely challenge for the Western Conference Title. They probably couldn’t beat teams like Dallas, San Antonio or Phoenix right away just because of their lack of team chemistry but give them a year or two and they could really do something…maybe even get that ring they both want so bad. I mean just look at the Heat last year and what that motivation can do for you.

  3. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    true that the point is its not always smart to keep the young guy especialliy when you dont know how he will pan out. The truth is that Iverson truly is the “answer” for minnesotas woes plus if they give enough away it will actually free up their salary cap the Sixers will have to be able to take a bad contract or two which i think they would if they gave them foye and some young players (marko Jeric) would actually help the sixers and free up salary for the Twolves.

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