EA Sports vs. 2K Sports

The makings of the war for complete sports video game supremacy has been in the works for a long time. EA has had a serious stranglehold over the market for a very long time but with the rise of 2K and the slow but obvious decline of EA, the war is finally here. 2K seems to have finally ammassed a large enough market share of the sports video game industry to make their first real push into EA’s territory. So the question is, who will win?

EA has been here for far too long to be pushed out in one single blow. They own way too much of the market and have too devoted and loyal a fan base to be seriously hurt by 2K or anyone for that matter. Described as “the evil empire”, Electronics Arts has dominated the sports video game industry with titles in every sport including Madden, NBA Live, NHL and many others. They spend more money than anyone to develop and fine tune their games in order to ensure that their titles are the best available however, recent titles from EA have been less than perfect and have raised many questions concerning EA’s attention to detail. A number of bugs as well as a lack of original and innovative ideas have left their games open to a number of bad reviews. EA has avoided criticism for many years thanks in part to great game development but also thanks to a lack of competition. 2K’s arrival to the forefront of the sports video game industry has given EA’s games something to be compared to and the comaprisons have drawn mixed reviews. While some feel that the combined effect of EA’s loyal following and their practically unlimited supply of money is just too big a hump for 2K to overcome, others feel that 2K’s innovative ideas and different approach to the sports simulation concept (they are much more of a simulation while EA is more arcade) has already brought them this far and can only bring them further. EA released NBA Live 07 way before it was ready and was criticized for the many bugs and lagy online gameplay that plagues the game while NBA 2K7, although suffering from poorer graphics, benefits from its many different gameplay modes (including Street Mode) and all around better performance and was rewarded with better reviews. 2K’s games have begun to outperform EA’s and that is a serious threat to EA’s “monopoly”.

So the question is clear…which company will prevail?
Not really a fair question since chances are both will survive and most likely thrive in this lucrative industry.

So the real question is…where does your loyalty lie, EA or 2K?


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“He is the greatest runningback to ever wear an NFL jersey”

Thats how San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer described his all star runningback during the post game press conference after the Chargers had defeated the Denver Broncos, 48-20 Sunday afternoon. LaDainian Tomlinson had his seventh consecutive multi-touchdown performance this week, scoring 3 TDs en route to breaking Shaun Alexander’s record of 28 from just one year ago. By the way, the Chargers have won 7 straight…coincidence?…don’t think so. LT is also on pace to break Paul Hornung’s single season scoring record of 176 points that has lasted for over 4 decades. Tomlinson currently has 174 points with 3 games remaining, ensuring that the record will definately be broken barring any unforseen circumstances.

Schottenheimer brought up a very interesting question. How great is LT? When history looks back on all the great NFL runningbacks of the last century, where will LaDainian’s rightful place be? Tomlinson is the best NFL back of his generation and deserves to be honored as such. He combines breakaway speed, a big/strong frame, great hands and agility with an understanding of the game that very few in the NFL can match. His career statistics (so far) are unprecedented. Through 6 seasons and 92 games, LT has racked up 8788 yards rushing, a 4.4 yds/carry avg and 98 touchdowns. He has also caught the ball 394 times for 2871 yards and 11 touchdowns while throwing for 126 yards and 6 touchdowns. He is leading the Chargers to a division title, a first round bye in the playoffs and a potential trip to the superbowl by displaying unbelievably great talent and even better leadership. He is piling up the statisitcs and breaking all the records and hes doing it without running his mouth to the media or tarnishing his image in the most ridiculous and obscene ways…and you have got too respect him for it.

I can only hope that when history looks back on LT, he will not only be remembered for his unbelievale accomplishments on the field but for the respect and admiration he drew from his fans and peers while doing it.

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