Sunday Night Football!

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football game features two of the best and hottest teams in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the New Orleans Saints! This game has a lot of hype to live up to and judging by how long the Sunday NFL countdown crew (Chris Berman and co.) talked about Terrell Owens this morning…its hard to believe that the game can really live up to it (especially since theres nothing really riding on it). BUT, having said that, I highly suggest you take time out of your busy day to watch this game and here are several reasons why:

[1] Terrell Owens
Love him or hate him…and recent polls show that 94.3% of people HATE him (not counting you, Michael Irvin)…you have got to admit that he IS fun to watch. Ok fine, you dont have to admit it but its true. Even with all the dropped balls, the guy still finds ways to make plays and is damn fun to watch on the sidelines. Sometimes I find myself hoping that Romo throws a pick while trying to complete a pass to Terrey Glenn on a play that he was supposed to throw the ball to TO for a touchdown just to see Owens blow up on the sidelines. By the way, if that happens and you are privileged enough to see it live…give yourself a pat on the back because you will have just witnessed the start of Dallas’ collapse. What would Michael Irvin say then?

[2] Reggie Bush
In any other game, especially after the game he had last week, he would be number 1 on this list. But I guess Bush is getting used to not getting picked number 1 by now (couldn’t help myself…sorry Reggie). What can’t he do? He reminds me of a faster more agile version of Marshall Faulk because of his great hands and versatility. He’s a great runner, a great receiver and a great passer and offers the Saints so many possibilities when designing plays for him. Last week was no fluke and if the Texans didn’t already know what they missed out on, they do now.

[3] Bill Parcells
Who will he kiss next? Will he finally say something about TO thats more than 6 syllables long? Will he tell Romo to pass more than twice in a row before running the ball with Jones? Will he smile? Ok, I’ll admit some of those are more obvious than others but just once I would like to see Parcells answer a question about TO using the words Terrell, is, beneficial and team. Think it’ll happen tonight? Maybe if they win and Owens racks up 6 touchdowns and 368 yards receiving. Hey, stranger things have happened.

[4] New Orleans SAINTS
The feel good story of the year. Enough said.

[5] Drew Brees
I loved him in San Diego and I love him in New Orleans. He is quietly having the best year of any quarterback in the league and noone deserves it more.

[6] Al Michaels and John Madden
Their chemistry is undeniable. They both provide great insight into a complicated and … haha … I couldn’t even say it with a straight face and I’m TYPING it on my computer! Honestly, I have nothing against either of them…they are just funny as hell to watch.

[7] SNF
Sunday Night Football!