Number 24

I must admit that the new and improved Kobe Bryant has really impressed me with his unselfish play, his belief in Phil Jackson’s system and coaching style as well as still possesing his super human ability to take over a game whenever needed. I mean you gotta admit, the Lakers look pretty good early.

Kobe Bryant changed his jersey number from the number 8 to the number 24 to represent how much greater than Michael Jordan he thinks he is (come on, hes not fooling anyone). He did it against my advice, which was to change his number to 81 to represent his unbelievable accomplishment of scoring 81 points in a single game. I mean dont you think that changing his number to 81 would have been pretty cool or at least much less insulting to MJ?

The Lakers are 12-5 and are currently leading their division, a division that includes championship contenders like Phoenix and the Los Angeles Clippers and look to be a championship contender themselves. Bryant is averaging just (lol) 26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists per game but the difference he makes goes much deeper than just statistics. His new attitude toward the game seems to have rejuvinated Phil Jackson. The Hall of Fame coach looks happier than hes looked in a LONG time and that triangle offense is really starting to kick in. Lamar Odom is playing like he did back in Miami (sigh) and Andrew Bynum is starting to make everyone understand why he was drafted so early. In the last two weeks, the Lakers have wins against the Nets, the Jazz, the Clippers and the Pacers…all of whom can easily be considered playoff teams.

Kobe said that by changing his jersey number from 8 to 24 he is signifying a shift from the first half of his career to his second half and I thought…huh? But to be fair, he has done exactly that. Bryant has distributed the ball like it was a $4 million eight-carat, purple diamond ring (jk Kobe) and has therefore created a team that doesn’t rely on just one player to score anymore. The offense is built around several key players and offers a much more diversified attack which easily explains the Lakers 12-5 record.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I am NOT a Kobe fan. I am however, just another sports fanatic who believes in giving credit where credit is due and right now, #24 deserves just as much as anyone.

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5 Responses to “Number 24”

  1. Walter Says:

    I have to agree that Kobe is less selfish. I personally think he is doing this to get the MVP that he has never gotten evn with his amazing point totals. But I think Steve Nash is going to get it especially if he keeps fetting the 20 assists.

  2. keith Says:

    he’s a dirtbag rapist

  3. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    i think kobe is kobe still i dont believe selfish peple change

  4. Torrey Elcan Says:

    You make some very valid points in your arguement, but let me add most people that don’t like Kobe, don’t like him because of his off the court behavior I’m his biggest fan and I didn’t like what he did either, but he should be judge by us on what he does on the court 94X50. He will go down as one of the greatest players of all time when he retires in the next 7 to 8 years from now everyone in the league know who the best player is and it’s not Lebron or the extra call getting Dewayne Wade, even though they are 2 & 3 in my top five rounding that top five out is Duncan and KG with Dirk #6.

  5. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    kobe is a selfish little kid that used to cry when he did not get his way now he simply is learned to trickk people better. youll see as the season goes along hell implode the only thing he wants is that league MVP. Hes seen how nash has done it by being unselfish and passing the ball lall the time so he simply changed so that he coulde win the 1 award that he wants. hence his “attitude change”. Kobe is still kobe and he will go off the hook and cry about something

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