New Halo 3 Ad!!!

New Halo 3 Ad!

The new Halo 3 ad that was aired during Monday Night football!

The ad is really cool and shows off some new stuff in the game, like that crazy looking shield the Chief uses (can’t wait to get my hands on that!)…but what’s up with those kids in the beginning?

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One Response to “New Halo 3 Ad!!!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a Halo-hater. But i don’t see why people get all excited about these trailers. They don’t show any game footage, which just means the game is that much further away. I’d be shocked if it came out in 2007 at all. From what people who have seen it playing have said, it looks very good, but it may not be ready this year. Not impressed by the trailer, show some ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!!!

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