What A Catch!

Donte Stallworth, where have you been this whole season? I remember when you were back in New Orleans and you were being projected as a breakout wide receiver and a potential top 5 receiver in the NFL. Well that didn’t exactly happen but I guess better late then never, right? Monday Night against the Panthers, Donte Stallworth made one of the most unbelievable catches I have ever seen, right up there with the likes of Chris Chambers and Reggie Wayne. It was a one handed leaping catch on a bomb from Jeff Garcia (remember him…used to play for the 49ers with a guy named TO?) in perfect coverage (by Marshall) in which his right hand never even touched the ball…not even after he made the grab and started running towards the end zone! Donte’s catch was absolutely spectacular and I gotta give him credit for it…because chances are, it will end up the highlight of his career.

The Catch

The Catch Donte Stallworth makes against the Panthers…I finally found it!


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New Halo 3 Ad!!!

New Halo 3 Ad!

The new Halo 3 ad that was aired during Monday Night football!

The ad is really cool and shows off some new stuff in the game, like that crazy looking shield the Chief uses (can’t wait to get my hands on that!)…but what’s up with those kids in the beginning?

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Wade is SI’s Sportsman Of The Year

Dwyane Wade was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year this week. Wade beat out guys like Tiger Woods and Roger Federer to win the honor. Not much to say on this despite the fact that people are really split on the decision. The poll on SI’s homepage (in the bottom right) shows that 60% of people think there were other deserving guys (namely Federer and Woods) and while I won’t disagree, Wade certainly deserves the honor for his performance in the NBA playoffs. He basically single handedly put his team on his back and carried them through the playoffs and to a championship. Sounds like a deserving candidate to me.

This is the link to SI’s article on the Sportsman of the Year:



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Halo 3 trailer on MNF tonight!

Tonight ESPN will air a Halo 3 ad at some point during Monday Night Football! It just might be the most important and exciting thing happening during tonight’s game so I suggest that you try not to miss it (even though Heroes fall finale starts at 9). After it airs, for those of you who didn’t have a chance to see it, I’ll try to find it online and post it here. I can’t wait!