Miami’s dissapointing start to the season

The defending NBA champs are definately not done celebrating their big Finals win from last year. Looks like that entire team has one of the biggest hangovers I have ever seen and personally, it’s difficult to watch. I understand that many people dont think the Heat deserved their championship but all I have to say to those people is YOUR WRONG, but I wont get into it right now. The only player playing anywhere near the level that he should be playing is DWade (with honorable mention going to Haslem) but not even he is playing all that well (exemplified by his 5 for 23 shooting night in a loss to Detroit on thursday night).

I’m surprised that people are wondering why the Heat are struggling and the majority of people just attribute the slow start to Shaq’s injury but I’m sick of that reason. Last years Finals MVP was WADE not Shaq. Despite not having Shaq in the lineup, the Heat should still be a formidable force and should definately have a record over .500. Why don’t they? It’s very simple. The team is just playing awful. Each individual player is playing awful. Walker is averaging just 10 points/game and shooting under 40 percent. Gary Payon is averaging 36 percent shooting but I’ll give him a break because he’s 85 years old and Williams is shooting 34 percent from the field. Dorrell Wright, the guy drafted 2 years ago as a lottery pick and held from playing regularly in the NBA because he wasnt ready finally made his long awaited debut this season only to look like they had let him start too soon.

The only guys playing ok are Wade and Haslem but they really are not playing well enough to win games on their own. This entire post was written in order to convince you that Shaq’s absence is not the main reason they are losing although I admit it is one of them (but that has more to do with team chemistry and game strategy rather than his playing).

The Heat will pick up their game and get over their hangover and should be fine for winning their division and making the playoffs. I mean how long can Orlando keep keep it up? I predict that the Heat will start playing well around a week or two before Shaq comes back. They’ll win 5 or 6 games on their own playing very well and then Shaq will come back and they’ll continue winning. I predict and I know this aint much of a prediction because reporters, analysts and writers basically do the same thing every time but EVERYONE will attribute the “new” winning streak to Shaq’s arrival. They will all be wrong.

Always room for one more prediction: Miami will not make it to the NBA Finals but they will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. It pains me to say it but I have to go with my head rather than my heart on this one.

Soon to come: Top 5 at each position!!

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4 Responses to “Miami’s dissapointing start to the season”

  1. TwinsFANaddict Says:

    Wow, this is just for those of you who really believe that the Heat arent gonna come back and win games. Shut up all of you. Just quit tryin to talk yourself into thinking that this team is bad. With Shaq and Dwade you truly cannot be wrong. You all know who you are(Lakers,Pistons,Bulls,Celtics Fans) Just get over yourself and see who you are talking about theyll be back. Oh theyll be back.

    PS. Not a Heat Fan, Go TWolves!!

  2. Larry Says:

    Yeah, they’ll be fine and make the playoffs. Pat Riley will see to that. However, I do believe that the team was truly built for that one big run. Several of their key players are just getting too old now and I doubt they’ll repeat as champs without making a few roster changes. Possibly Corey Maggette?

  3. justanothersportsfanatic Says:

    I agree that the team was built for one run at the championship and they accomplished their goal last year. Riley couldn’t reshape the team this offseason even though he knew it was needed to be succesful this year because it wouldn’t have made much sense. I mean, you win the title then rebuild your team, eliminating players that played key roles in your run? Would have caused him a lot of scrutiny. I think that Riley expected his team to fail this year in defending the title and could then rebuild the team like he did two years ago when the Heat lost in seven to Detroit. He’ll make the team younger and faster and surround Wade with players that can make this team great for a long time…then hell resign as coach and return to the office. Maybe Stan Van Gundy will miraculously return…ok, maybe not.

  4. Ross Haffner Says:

    I’ve always believed that David Stern affected the officiating of the Finals last year just because he didn’t want to hand Mark Cuban the trophy. The Miami Heat represent everything that USA basketball does. Tons of talent, but LAZY! Of course this has its exceptions and Dwyane Wade is a ridiculous player, though I hate to admit it. But this isn’t about last year, it’s about this year, which only looks back and proves my point. With virtually no roster changes (even one little signing would have helped!) to get them excited about this season Riley and co. wrote their own obituary. I’m not saying overload, but do they really need Gary Payton or Antoine Walker? It should be noted that I am officially a GP and AW hater. All in all I’ve never liked the way this team was put together. Shaq and D-Wade are great but neither really demand responsibility of their teammates ala MJ. This team leaves a lot to be desired.

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