Titans Win…Again!

Has anyone, other than myself of course, been watching the Tennessee Titans football games this season? This is a team that was completely written off by everyone at the start of the season saying that they’ll be lucky to win 3 or 4 games. Well, here we are 12 games into a 16 game season and the Titans have already surpassed that projection with their fifth win of the season, today against Indy! They now stand at 5-7 which ain’t too bad…well it wouldnt be too bad if they were in the NFC. Last week, the Titans pulled of a huge last second upset against the Giants thanks to their kicker, Rob Bironas. This week it seemed that the Titans were the only ones who hadn’t written themselves off against the Colts as even I had basically bypassed this game expecting it to be a no contest. Vince Young, proving what a great leader the ex-Longhorn truely is, orcastrated yet another comeback against one of the best teams in the league and had it capped by a 60 yard field goal to win it.

I must admit that Jeff Fisher doesnt get nearly enough credit for the performance his team gives week in and week out. Honestly, Fisher is one of the best coaches in the NFL and clearly a master motivator because of his ability to simply outcoach his opposition. Did you see him bring out the punting unit right before the field goal kick so that the Colts would use their last time out? Ingenious. This year was completley written off as a rebuilding year as the team had just dumped their franchise QB as well as a bunch of other players in a struggle to get under the salary cap. Fisher has kept his team motivated and has made sure that they give everything they have every week. If we have learned anything in pro sports, it is that passion and commitment, at the professional level, will always win over pure talent.

The Titans are staying competitive and Vince Young is getting very valuable experience, especially in the pressure situations, and I can really see him being an excellent QB in this league. I was very upset when the Titans took him rather than Leinart in the draft but after the way Young has been playing, I couldn’t be happier and i hope that all Titans fan’s feel the same way.

By the way, the Titans are not playing like a 5-7 team and that may be the reason their wins are so surprising. Since their 0-5 start to the season, the Titans have gone 5-2 with wins against teams like the Eagles, the Giants and the Colts. How about we start giving credit where credit is due and right now, noone deserves more credit than Jeff Fisher.

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Miami’s dissapointing start to the season

The defending NBA champs are definately not done celebrating their big Finals win from last year. Looks like that entire team has one of the biggest hangovers I have ever seen and personally, it’s difficult to watch. I understand that many people dont think the Heat deserved their championship but all I have to say to those people is YOUR WRONG, but I wont get into it right now. The only player playing anywhere near the level that he should be playing is DWade (with honorable mention going to Haslem) but not even he is playing all that well (exemplified by his 5 for 23 shooting night in a loss to Detroit on thursday night).

I’m surprised that people are wondering why the Heat are struggling and the majority of people just attribute the slow start to Shaq’s injury but I’m sick of that reason. Last years Finals MVP was WADE not Shaq. Despite not having Shaq in the lineup, the Heat should still be a formidable force and should definately have a record over .500. Why don’t they? It’s very simple. The team is just playing awful. Each individual player is playing awful. Walker is averaging just 10 points/game and shooting under 40 percent. Gary Payon is averaging 36 percent shooting but I’ll give him a break because he’s 85 years old and Williams is shooting 34 percent from the field. Dorrell Wright, the guy drafted 2 years ago as a lottery pick and held from playing regularly in the NBA because he wasnt ready finally made his long awaited debut this season only to look like they had let him start too soon.

The only guys playing ok are Wade and Haslem but they really are not playing well enough to win games on their own. This entire post was written in order to convince you that Shaq’s absence is not the main reason they are losing although I admit it is one of them (but that has more to do with team chemistry and game strategy rather than his playing).

The Heat will pick up their game and get over their hangover and should be fine for winning their division and making the playoffs. I mean how long can Orlando keep keep it up? I predict that the Heat will start playing well around a week or two before Shaq comes back. They’ll win 5 or 6 games on their own playing very well and then Shaq will come back and they’ll continue winning. I predict and I know this aint much of a prediction because reporters, analysts and writers basically do the same thing every time but EVERYONE will attribute the “new” winning streak to Shaq’s arrival. They will all be wrong.

Always room for one more prediction: Miami will not make it to the NBA Finals but they will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. It pains me to say it but I have to go with my head rather than my heart on this one.

Soon to come: Top 5 at each position!!

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