Do I hear crying Albert?

Well its official, Major League Baseball’s golden boy is not so golden after all. This week, Albert Pujols whined to the media saying that he believed that he should have won the NL MVP rather than Ryan Howard. Are you serious? Pujols is coming off a season where his Cardinals finished atop their division, beat a lot of great teams in the playoffs and not to mention won the World Series. Its an absolute shame to see a great and well respected player like Albert act this way whether hes right or wrong, and Im not saying hes either.

He has been sucked into the black hole of stardom that has claimed so many already great athletes like Terrell Owens, Barry Bonds (who was once a great athlete even without the cheating) and Kobe Bryant. We lose so much respect for these guys simply because they cant keep their mouths shut and for just a couple of minutes (or in some cases hours, Kobe) they stop being the people we thought they were. Personally, I lost a lot of respect for Albert after hearing his comments and thought that he didnt only embarrass himself with his extremely childish behaviour but also insulted a very talented Ryan Howard in the process. Ryan Howard had similiar if not better stats than Pujols and completely deserved the MVP award for his fantastic season with the Phillies.

I sincerely hope that athletes will start taking their comments more seriously because not only are they role models for millions around the world but they are important people in one of societies most interesting and exciting institutions. Just once, I would like to see someone survive the trip from complete anonymity to blazing superstardom and have the basic fabric of their being remain intact. Ya, I’m talking to you TO.

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In case you missed it

Pacman Jones 2 int vs. Giants

Burress giving up on the play…Its the first int (sorry not the greatest angle)

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Plaxico, Plaxico, Plaxico…

Plaxico Burress, what were you thinking? I hope you all caught the Giants-Titans game last Sunday or at least the little part where Burress actually gives up on a pass directed to him from Eli Manning allowing Pacman Jones to easily make the interception. By the way, my Titans won that game (sorry, dont get to say that very often). Plaxico Burress has been absolutely humiliated by the media and even his teamates and he probably deserves it. That footage has been aired hundreds of times and i have seen it dozens of times in the last 3 days alone. Now, I get his explanaton (curtosy of PTI’s Kornheiser and Wilbon) that he thought the pass was going out of bounds and if it had that would have certainly explained his actions but COME ON. That ball was very easily picked off by Jones and was clearly inbounds the whole way. The pass may not have been great but I doubt that Marvin Harrison or Chad Johnson would ever let their QB’s bad balls just hang out there ready to be picked off.

Plaxico clearly gave up on the play and when you give up on a play you might as well have given up on the game. He let his teamates down, he let his coach down, he let his fans down but most importantly…he let his QB, a young Eli Manning down. That is really gonna hurt their relationship and chemistry on the field and I believe the only way to fix it is to come out and give an absolutely superhuman effort on Sunday against Dallas. Is he capable of doing it? Absolutely. Plaxico is a excellent receiver who at times during the season has come up huge for Eli and the Giants. This whole fight between Strahan and Burress has been greatly exagerated by the media and come Sunday this team will need to win to have any hope for the rest of this season or they will fall apart. Now knowing that the future of this franchise’s season rests on their upcoming game Sunday against Dallas, I’m going to make a little prediction. Dallas wins…but not easily. Argue if you must but Dallas is hot and New York is definately not.

Hey…My first post…

Hey. This is my first post on my first blog ever! To start, This blog is all about sports (basketball, football, hockey, baseball, etc..) and really focuses on anything anyone wants to talk about. I’m starting this blog because I continuously find myself on websites like cbssportsline, espn and SI reading about everything related to sports, whether it be the latest news about Terrell Owens’ ridiculous but often hilarious stunts or serious predictions towards the upcoming NHL season, BUT I almost always disagree. I have such strong feelings and opinions towards sports, just like everyone else I would imagine, and really want to find out what other people think. This blog is definately not just a way for me to get my opinions out but for everyone to say exactly what they feel, whether we agree or disagree.

I am a die hard Habs, Heat and Titans fan and went nuts throughout the entire NBA playoffs dreaming of DWade holding up the MVP and Finals trophies (and then he finally did!!). I’m 19, live in Canada and am studying engineering at University. By the way, my favorite sports show hands down is Pardon The Interruption (PTI) and I try to catch Tony and Mike every day. They are as hilarious as they are brilliant (some of the time) and love watching them argue about EVERYTHING. Anyways this is my first post of what will probably be many and I’ll try to bring up as many diverse topics as possible (but sometimes I cant help it), so lets get started.